Special attention and care at every stage of manufacturing with an eye for detail, combined with quality control ensures superior quality of gelatine. The quality of raw material being used as well as round the clock monitorimg of process and the finished gelatine ensures high grade product. Separate well equipped labs have been built for physical and chemical testing such as jel strength, viscosity, color, clarity, ash, So2, moisture, metal analysis etc, and food microbiological tests, IP tests etc with state-of-the-art equipments for testing of the product as well as different raw materials such as hide, bone, water, acid, chemicals in addition to QC Lab on the factory floor for round the clock testing during the entire production process. After ensuring the quality, dispatch of the Gelatine is done along with analytical report, batch tracing of the entire production. We have ISO 9001 & HACCP GMP certification and will shortly get EDQM certificate.