Our gelatine is derived from selected raw material from controlled sources whereby a very clean, odour-less and contamination-free product is made in the following grades :- 100, 140, 160 and 210, 240 Bloom. We are one of the very few gelatine producers in the world making Halal gelatin, hide gelatin (which is considered BSE free) as well as bone gelatin. We make Gelatine for edible applications as well as pharmaceutical applications complying to IP, USP, BP norms in noodle form, granular form in customized mesh size.We also make technical gelatin in flake form in a different plant separated by a road from the Gelatine plant. Di Calcium phosphate powder for animal feed is also made having phosphorus more than 17%, Floride not more than 0.1 %, cilica not more than 1%.