Welcome to Bhopal Gelatines Pvt. Ltd.


We are one of India’s oldest producers of gelatine serving the domestic & international markets since the last 7 decades. The current Directors are third generation family members from the founding family and the fourth generation has also joined the privately owned family business this year.

Corporate Social Responsibility
(CSR) Policy

Annual Report on CSR

The first plant sourced from UK was commissioned in 1940s for production of technical gelatin on 10 acres land in the city of Bhopal, which has now been closed down in 2002 and this area which is in the heart of the city is being used for commercial use now. The present plant was set up in 1984 about 45 kms from Bhopalfor productionof 750 MT edible bovine hide gelatin per annum on more than 40 acres land on the main National Highway 12 at Village Pilukhedhi, District Rajgarh. The second plant was imported from Italy ... read more


Quality Control



Special attention and care at every stage of manufacturing with an eye for detail, combined with quality control ensures superior quality of gelatine. The quality of raw material being used as well as mass in process and the finished gelatine .... read more


Our gelatine is derived from selected raw material from controlled sources whereby a very clean, odour-less and contamination-free product is made in the following grades :- 100, 140, 160 and 210, 240 Bloom. We are one of the very few gelatine producers in the world making Halal gelatin, .... read more