Gelatine is used in food applications, soft capsules, hard shell capsules, films, agricultural chemicals, collagen peptide health products, clarification of drinks, juices.


Food industry

Gelatine is natural, safe and healthy. It is free of fats, sugar, gluten, additives and carbohydrates, free of cholesterol, allergenic substances and additives, it is low in calories. In addition, gelatine is a neutraceutical product, as it has been scientifically proved that it helps prevent and cure osteoporosis, joints & arthritis. Gelatine helps in making processed foods with reduced salt, sugar, fat complying to the current trends of healthy and quick food indulgence.


Gelatin is unique as the gel melts completely in the mouth. Because of this, there is a clean flavour release, no stickiness or sliminess, which gives it unsurpassed texture and mouth feel. Gelatine is also an excellent water binder which helps to enhance shelf life of products. Gelatine is used as an added protein supplement in dietetic food, and has a positive impact on the energy metabolism of muscle cells which is why it is used in sports drinks and energy bars.



Pharmaceutical applications, Gelatine protects the sensitive drugs and active substances against harmful influences such as light, oxygen etc.


Soft capsules are produced by making film with medium bloom gelatine, glycerol, sorbitol, water etc and filling the medicines (powder/liquid) and closing the capsule at the same time. Soft capsules are making in different shapes, transparent capsules as well as with colours.


Hard shell capsules are made by immersion of cylinders in high bloom gelatine solution by making 2 halfs which are then removed & dried and supplied to different pharmaceutical companies who fill it with active ingredients and sealing it back together.


Gelatine is also used for coating of tablets and giving a good seal, shine binding of its ingredients and presentation to the surface.


Pet Food Industry

Gelatin provides the protein requirements of pets, helps in getting and maintenence of a healthy coat , provides healthy food without fat, cholesterol, and adds flavor to the pet food.Gelatine helps in creating innovative pet foods while maintaining the shelf life, taste, texture.




Beauty Products

Gelatine is used in creams, gels, shampoo which enhances the outer beauty by helping to maintain healthy hair, soft and glowing skin, retain moisture of the skin as in sun screens, helps in anti aging and wrinkles in skin, and healthy, shiny nails.