About Us

We are one of India’s oldest producers of gelatine serving the domestic & international markets since the last 7 decades. The current Directors are third generation family members from the founding family and the fourth generation has also joined the privately owned family business in 2014.


The first plant sourced from UK was commissioned in 1940s under the name Bhopal Glues & Chemicals for production of technical gelatin on 10 acres land in the city of Bhopal, which has now been closed down in 2002 and this area which is in the heart of the city is being used for commercial use now. The present plant was set up in 1984 under the name of Bhopal Gelatines about 45 kms from Bhopal for production of 750 MT edible bovine hide gelatin

per annum on more than 40 acres land on the main National Highway 12 at Village Pilukhedhi, District Rajgarh. The second plant was imported from Italy, UK and Germany but has been upgraded and expanded to make bone gelatine also in addition to production of hide gelatine and conforms to the pharmaceutical industry’s specifications of IP, USP, BP. The current hide and bone gelatine combined production capacity is 2000 MT per annum and both companies have been merged together as Bhopal Glues & Chemicals.


We are ideally located near Bhopal, which is the approximate epicentre of India, for timely supplies of it’s product to each part of the country. Also abundant raw material is available from surrounding areas from all corners of India. The plant has enough open land of over 85 acres for any further expansion in future. We are improving the general cleanliness of the factory areas, paving of all open areas in the factory area for dust control, covering the entire factory area by a boundary wall around the factory for security, and protection from stray animals. Bhopal Glues conducts pest control protocol daily as well as hygiene sanitation round the clock to control bacteria and follow guidelines as per HACCP, GMP protocol.


All areas of operation have changing rooms, fly catcher, rodent box at point of entry.


The layout of the factory has been done in such a way that raw material section is separated by a road from the finishing section, hide section is separated by a road from the bone section to avoid cross contamination. The Company has provided separate housing for its workers and staff in the residential areas developed by the Company adjacent to the plant so that the employees do not have to travel to the city. These facilities are now being renovated and for additional demand, construction of multi-storey building having about 12 new staff family accommodation units as well as 18 new family accommodation units for the blue collar workers is underway which should be completed by the end of 2014. The new staff block has a children playing area, adult games area, mess and recreation club on the top floor of the building for round the clock services to the staff.


Bhopal Glues is now planning to expand production by installation of additional equipment to achieve production of Gelatine to 3200 MT per annum from 2016.